Monday, June 28, 2010

A new blog for a new-ish family... :-)

We've been married for over a year, and our first child will be born within the next couple of weeks.  These are exciting times, and it's about time for us to leave our mark (however small) on the internet as well.

So, we propose this blog.  It will be updated occasionally (as time and interest permits).  It promises its readers nothing more than our own thoughts, musings, and ponderings.  Should these be of interest to you, we will gladly take comments so that, ideally, this will be a place of edification for many, not just the (relatively) few in our family.  Speaking of which, cute baby pictures will be forthcoming when God brings our baby into the world (well, God and, in a more immediate sense, my wonderful wife). :-)

Here, then, we find ourselves.  Christians (for our two-soon-to-be-three parts) and others muddling our way through this world.  Whatever is true, we want to believe it.  Trouble is, these days it's harder to figure out what is, in fact, true.  Fear not, though - muddling towards truth doesn't have to be itself unedifying, and we'll get there one way or another.  For any who should care to join, we'd love to have you along with us.

Benjamin :)

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  1. Count me in. The idea of a blog fits you two so well. The only trouble I can forsee is you two having enough time to actually write down your thoughts. By the way, great name. I knew immediately where it was from.

    H Grosskopf