Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been getting less sleep these days...

I've been getting less sleep these days, and it's rather a new experience for me.  I've always been fine staying up late, but thereafter I generally need a good solid eight hours of sleep.  More than eight hours, if it's around finals time (using brain power, you see, necessitates more sleep...)

Unfortunately baby James, like all babies, isn't quite in sync with an adult schedule.  He's hungry when he's hungry and has no problems informing us of that fact even if it's dashedly early in the morning.  Or late at night.  Or if he just ate last hour, dirtied his diaper, and wants to eat again.  Or it's 3:30AM and he just slept for 30 minutes and is hungry again and...what in the world did we get ourselves into?

And yet, I'm not going to lie, I love him more than just about anything.  Seeing his smile, or seeing him hungry, or even seeing him cry just about melts my heart.  He's an amazingly happy baby who is nothing more or less than God's special gift to our family.  Elizabeth and myself are so grateful that God sent him to us instead of, say, to another family.  We don't deserve him in the same way we don't deserve our apartment, our lives, or anything else of consequence.  And yet, through and despite our sinfulness, God still blesses us.

I guess what I'm working around to saying is that the 2AM feedings, the snitches of sleep, and the constant mental fog aren't really that bad, all things considered.  I sure wasn't really expecting them, but I wouldn't trade them away if it meant spending one less second with our son.

I've been getting less sleep these days, but that's alright with me. :-)


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