Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

KU (the University of Kansas) is closed today because of snow.  Turns out they'll also be closed tomorrow!  This doesn't happen very often.  I started here in Fall 2009 and, since then, we've had 2 snow days.  (Campus has been closed other times, but most of them are during Christmas break when classes aren't in session anyways).  But back in Feb. 2011, we got a Tuesday and a Wednesday off for a big snowstorm.  And now we've had a Thursday off and we'll get a Friday off tomorrow for another snowstorm.  If I had to pick, I'd rather have a Thursday/Friday off than a Tuesday/Wednesday. :)

Even the concept of having "Snow Days" is weird to me.  Since I was homeschooled my whole life, I never really had to take a day off because I couldn't get to the school.  When your books are in the living room, the transit time is pretty minimal.  Of course, we got plenty of days "off" for other things (debate tournaments, museum days, etc.), and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few days here or there taken off to go play in the snow.  But those weren't days taken off because I physically couldn't make it to the school building.

Bizarrely, we're similarly situated here - we live on-campus so even when there's plenty of snow I just have to walk to campus past the basketball arena.  It might take awhile for me to make the walk, but I don't think there's ever been a time when I couldn't walk to campus if I had to.  But even if I can make it to campus, plenty of my students commute in from KC or Overland Park and it would be unsafe for them to drive so far.  I'm glad they cancelled classes.

Of course, since I'm a grad student, my work is never really "done", even if I get a day off teaching.  But I might ignore some work tomorrow for a bit and play outside with James and Joy.  Maybe drink some hot chocolate too.  Seems like it'll be a good day for that sort of thing.  We should have snow days more often. ;-)


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